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Why It Makes Sense to Wear Prescription Safety Glasses

The Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) estimates that 200 workers sustain an eye injury that requires medical treatment every day in Canada.

One of the best ways to protect your eyes against injury is to wear safety glasses. But what if you already wear prescription glasses?

The solution to protecting your eyes while still being able to see clearly is prescription safety glasses. Safety glasses reduce eye injuries and they're versatile. They may lengthen the life of your regular glasses and the cost is generally covered by your employer.

If you need more reasons than that, keep reading to find out why it makes sense to wear prescription safety glasses.

Prescription Safety Glasses Stop Eye Injury

Safety glasses protect your eyes. They're useful if you work with heavy machinery or hazardous materials.

Some people who wear prescription glasses don't use safety goggles. Wearing goggles over glasses is extremely uncomfortable. It's also easier to see and work with their glasses alone.

These safety glasses help you see clearly without the bulk of a double layer of eyewear. This encourages you to use the safety equipment essential to the protection of your eyes.

Prescription Safety Glasses Are Versatile

You need safety goggles for excessive light exposure and exposure to chemicals. You also need safety goggles for exposure to tiny particulates and projectiles. But industrial workplaces aren't the only place your eyes can get injured.

You risk eye injury from simple tasks at home and work all the time. Cutting your lawn can cause eye injury. So can working with power tools.

Prescription safety glasses can be used at work, at home, and for hobbies. Whenever you're doing something that risks eye injury, use your prescription glasses to do it safely and comfortably.

Lengthen the Life of Your Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses and frames don’t come cheap. By wearing prescription safety glasses while you work, you use your real glasses less often. Using your prescription glasses less often can potentially lengthen their life.

If you've been wearing your prescription glasses while working, you've been putting them at greater risk of breaking. Switching them out for prescription safety glasses means you're not taking the chance of breaking your glasses while working.

Prescription Safety Glasses Costs Are Covered

The CCOHS ensures that workers have safe working conditions in Canada. They do so by setting and enforcing health and safety standards in the workplace.

A big part of safety standards is related to the proper use of safety equipment, or personal protective equipment (PPE). In some jurisdictions, employers are required to provide PPE for workers, which may include facial and eye protection.

Check the requirements in your jurisdiction to see if your employer is required to provide prescription safety glasses for people who need prescription glasses.

Find an Optometrist Today

If you've been working without safety goggles because they're too uncomfortable to wear with your prescription glasses, you've been putting your glasses and your eyes at risk. Prescription safety glasses are a comfortable alternative to doubling up your eyewear while on the job, but they can be used at home and while you're working on your hobby, too.

The first step to getting prescription glasses is to book an eye exam, which is required to find out what prescription you need for your safety glasses. Book an appointment with a trusted optometrist at St. Albert Vision Center today.

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