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Find expert guidance to choose contact lenses in st. albert


The eyes are indispensable and need delicate care, Also, when you smile, you don't want to hide that sparkle in your eyes behind the glasses. You can enhance your appearance and get clear vision with Dr. Holly Parker's guidance with contact lenses in St. Albert.


Contact lenses provide a more natural field of vision and less visual distortion since these lenses move with he eyes. They are great companion during sports, exercise and other physical activities. Contact lenses are like saviours for young and old alike who desperately want to remove their glasses.


But, contact lenses like prescription glasses require through eye exams to ensure the correct vision and also need regular care and maintenance. Dr. Holly Parker and her experienced team take an eye exam before going for a choice of contacts.  Contact us to know more about routine comprehensive check ups, emergency eye care, and ocular evaluations.


With Time, different types of contact lenses are available. You can choose any according to your preferences if you know about them well. Here you can learn more about their features:

Rigid Gas-Permeable Contact Lenses

Their semi-flexible plastic membranes allow oxygen to pass through to the eyes' surface to breathe.

They are comfortable to wear, thus making it easier to adjust with them by the user.

Relatively easy to care for and provide long-term use.

The only drawback is that they can easily slip away from the centre of the eye due to a lack of airtight suction because of the semi-permeable membrane.


Daily Soft Contact Lenses

They are available for daily use as bifocals and in various tints.

Do not correct every type of vision disorder if diagnosed.

It may not provide the same level of sharpness as rigid gas-permeable contact lenses.

Their flexibility makes them wear out more quickly than RGPs, thus requiring more frequent replacement.


Extended-Use Contact Lenses

You can wear them overnight and for an extended period of time.

Available in soft and rigid gas permeable varieties and can be worn up to a whole month.

But require regular visits with an optometrist to avoid complication risks.

Disposable Extended-Wear Contact Lenses

You can wear soft-style lenses for up to six days.

Do come in bifocal styles but may not be ideal for correcting all types of ocular issues.

They can be worn for up to 30 days, but shortening the wear time is suggested to reduce the risk of eye infection compared to 30-day extended-use contacts.


Soft Planned Replacement (Daily-Wear) Contact Lenses

You can schedule their replacement bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly by consulting with your optometrist.

They can be worn for extended periods, thus reducing the process of cleaning and disinfecting.

Like all soft contact lenses, they may not offer the same level of clarity and resolve all vision problems compared to their rigid counterparts.


Schedule a Consultation

To see which style of contact lens is right for you, contact today to schedule a consultation with optometrist Dr. Holly Parker.


We offer an impressive range of branded contact lenses to choose from in St. Albert 

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